Ani Zemanko

Sophie Laloux

I am Sophie one of your planner of your magical wedding. Let me introduce myself in a few words. I was born in Paris, so I am a real parisienne but I have Hungarian roots from my mother, and raised up in Budapest for the half part of my child years. I have also travelled a lot around the world thanks to my modeling career in my early twenties, then I worked in the fashion communication and PR industry in Budapest and London after my international business and economics studies. I have continued to express my creativity in designing children clothes during my pregnancy, then my little angel boy was born… So now I am a proud mama and live in the Dominican Republic with my family. I just fall in love with this country and also with the idea that so many special and enchanting weddings could be here on the North coast, which is so beautiful with its true, untouched wildness and unknown treasures. I am happy to discover the enchanting secret beaches and private abandoned, deserted islands, where your perfect day would be much more special than in your dreams. I am passionate about my work and obsessed with weddings and love stories, so this is our beloved project, in which I promise I will do my best of my best.